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Commitment, Motivation & Reinforcement


You now have the knowledge to make healthy food choices and understand the importance of getting the proper amounts of physical activity each day. Now comes the point where you put it all together and take action to set yourself on the path to success.

LIVE IT! includes all other elements of a healthier lifestyle including the motivation and reinforcement to help keep you committed and on track. Having the tools to make healthy choices is only part of what it takes to make positive changes. It must be combined with a personal commitment to live a healthier lifestyle every day.

While many have achieved personal success on their own, some have chosen to enjoy the healthier changes with a friend, relative or even the entire family. Support and dedication are the initial keys to your success. After several weeks you will develop healthier habits as your normal way of life. Once you have reached this point maintaining your healthy lifestyle becomes very easy.
The Importance Of The Proper Amount Of Sleep
Another important factor that our bodies need just as much as healthy food and physical activity is Sleep.

Sleep is important to both the growing process of your body, as well as the recycling and
BoySleep.jpgrejuvenation of your entire system. Sleep is the final component to allowing your body to run at its optimum efficiency.

When your body doesn’t get the proper amount of sleep you will often feel sluggish, less productive, and your ability to concentrate and focus may be difficult. Improper amounts of sleep can also affect your immune system which helps prevent yourself from getting sick.

So how much sleep is the right amount for you?  Most school-age students should be receiving about 11 hours of sleep per night on average. This will allow your body to replenish itself and maintain its best performance.
Motivation & Commitment
Remaining committed is something each of us deals with differently. Some people are quite determined to make personal changes and approach this newly learned information with 100% of their efforts and attention, while others may find some initial difficulty in changing old habits and routines. This is quite normal. Remember, you are changing poor habits that you have been doing for years. As kids, many of our poor habits come from our parents, who may have had these unhealthy habits for decades. The key is not to dwell on the past but move toward your new, healthier future.  You will find that all changes become easier as you continue, and before long they will become your normal way of life. 
It is for this reason that your initial commitment and dedication is most important. If you have attended our Healthy For Life - Eat It!, Move It!, Live It! assembly program, parent education program, or have purchased the Healthy For Life - Eat It!, Move It!, Live It! - A Family Guidebook (see Book Order Page of this site) you have the ability to utilize the Healthy For Life Journal that was included. This is an excellent tool to allow you to identify your goals, monitor your progress and see measurable results.
There is no better feeling or motivation than seeing your successful results. Each of you muaythai.jpgmay have different reasons and expectations for becoming Healthy For Life. For some, it may just be to prevent weight gain and to become healthier overall, while others may currently be overweight and headed down a path of illness, unhealthy choices and attitudes, and continued weight gain. Because of this the time which you achieve your expected results may vary, but you should be proud and confident in knowing that each and every day you continue to make healthy food choices, stay physically active, and maintain the proper amount of rest and sleep, you are one day closer to your goal. 
Remember, just take things one day at a time. Once day quickly becomes a week, and a week becomes a month. Before you know it your entire life has improved with a much healthier focus, attitude, and lifestyle.
The main thing to remember is if you get sidetracked or have a bad day, to get right back on track. Do not fall into your old poor habits. Only you are in control of your personal success. You are the only one who can make a difference or a change. Maintain the right mindset and healthy choices. Your mind controls your results.
We Want To Hear Your Success Stories
We love hearing from students and families worldwide that are having personal success with Healthy For Life - Eat It!, Move It!, Live It! Be sure to e-mail us with your success stories so we can be aware of your progress and share in your success!