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Fun Physical Activities


The key to this part of Healthy For Life is to get the proper amount of physical activity, or as we say...MOVE IT! Physical activity is an important Swimming.jpgcomponent of Healthy For Life - Eat It!, Move It!, Live It!  We believe it is important to understand that physical activity does not have to mean sweaty, strenuous hours of working out at the gym. While push-ups, jumping jacks, and sit-ups are great physical activity, what is most important is that you are staying active, working out your muscles, getting your heart rate up for AT LEAST one hour per day, five days a week. That's it, it's that simple.
So what counts as MOVE IT?  Anything you can think of that involves movement and physical activity. Make it fun and enjoyable. Do it with a friend or as a family, but just be sure to do it.
Here are just some of the many possibilities you can do to Move It!  Choose those that you enjoy the most, mix them up, and always be open to new possibilities and ideas.